Charcoal Peel Off Mask


A peel-off face mask made with Activated Charcoal. It pulls out the blackheads, dead skin, and excess oil to reveal healthy skin. Plus, it removes the excess tan from your face. This peel-off face mask contains de-tanning, anti-aging, anti-pigmentation deep-cleansing properties. This face mask is for all men. The urban environment is not kind to our skin, depositing dust & pollutants on it whether we’re outside or indoors. These fine particles settle into our pores, resulting in many skin problems. Also, the harsh subcontinent Sun leaves us with a tan, which is not to everyone’s taste. The Activated Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask for men removes tan, deep cleanses the skin, removes excess oil buildups, removes blackheads, hydrates skin, provides nourishment, provides nutrition, combats ageing, reduces pigmentation prevents acne. So if any of these benefits appeal to you, this peel-off mask is perfect for you.

Deep cleanse your skin
Steer Clear of Your Skin Woes
Eliminates dirt, oil & toxin
Unclogs skin pores
Lightens skin tone

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